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"Dabeli" is a traditional preparation of KUTCH – an isolated region of Gujarat State in Western INDIA. It is a delicious combination of Indian Vegetable with western product "Bread". It is also known as "Double Roti" in some part of Kutch. Potato "sabji" is prepared with Special Dabeli Masala and other ingredients filled inside bread and then shallow fried in the Amul Butter produces very tasty Dabeli.

"Bhaibhai Dabeliwala" is very popular name in the Sanskari Nagari Vadodara. Vadodra known for its cultural values is also famous for traditional varieties of snacks. "Bhaibhai Dableiwala" is one of the hottest spot for it's mouth watering Dabelies.

Bharatbhai at "Bhaibhai Dabeliwala" has started this business with aim to serve very hygienic and fresh food to people of Vadodara. For this he has decided to make fresh Dabelis with new ideas.

Starting way back in year 1991 he entered in the business on wheel borrow at Ayurvedic 3 Rasta Area, Outside Panigate, Vadodara. He has used his brilliance and innovate new varieties of Dabeli and within short period Bhaibhai Dabeliwala become known name in the area.

Many innovative ideas are applied to make different varieties of delicious Dabelis in the span of over 20 years. Bhaibhai Dabeliwala always uses products of well known brand Amul.

As a result of hard work turns into destiny, on 16th January, 2006 Bharatbhai has stared shop at sahajannad apartment at Ayurvedic 3 Rasta and gradually always added new varieties of Dabelis. His Dabelis are so popular that people from all corners of Vadodara and even from outside Vadodara come to taste and enjoy the varieties of Dabelies.

The list of Dabelies goes on from Double Butter Dabeli, Cheese Butter Dabeli, Natkhat Dabeli, Refugee Dabeli, Ice Cold Dabeli, Mango Dolly Dabeli, Butterscotch Dabeli and so on… The Special Dishes are also there with names like Achiza Dish Dabeli, Trafic Jam Dabeli, Chiily Billly and so on… There is also a full range of Vada Pav and Sandwiches with Dabeli fillings.

In year 2014, Bhaibhai Dabeliwala's efforts shows the result when 93.5fm Radio Red FM awarded them with "Thappa" for "Best Dabeli Award" in Vadodara.

You are invited to visit "Bhaibhai Dabeliwala" at any day for a refreshing and delicious varities of Dabeli…

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